Sahasa Cover Model… So Much More Than A Pretty Face.

Fair Trade Necklace ModelAt Sahasa we believe in authenticity, which is why everyone who is involved in this journey, shares our message.

Simplified, it’s a message of love – love for the planet, for the people who walk on it, and for ourselves.

Our cover model Erin is no exception. She lives and breathes this message of love to over 18 thousand followers on social media. The epitome of an earth mother, Erin shares the personal journey of herself, partner Kody, and daughter Willow, through raw stunning photography and awe-inspiring insight.

Erin’s love, respect and appreciation for the universe, and it’s power, is contagious. She’s a beautiful example of how a person’s energy holds no limits.

At Sahasa, we believe – like Erin – in the collective power of female energy, which is why we’ve set out to change the world… one woman at a time.Cover Model - Fair Trade

Sahasa pieces are designed in Australia, and created in conjunction with Mehera Shaw Foundation in Jaipur, India – a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Each piece directly helps the hands that crafted it, and further contributes to funding education schemes to help Indian women of tomorrow.

As Erin so eloquently puts it: “We are all connected, a constellation of stars, all a part of something much bigger and more magical than we know”.

Be a part of Erin’s journey, follow her today on Instagram @erinashleighh