Practical & Perfect for Summer

Style Pic Usa - with logo2

STYLE TIP: Loose long sleeve cotton tops and silk scarves (like the two shown above) are great ways to keep the sun off your shoulders during summer. These two are light weight, breathable, and look stunning when teamed with a splash of bottle green.

This bohemian outfit is ethical, fair trade and animal friendly.

From top left: Gypsy Silk Scarf in Ocean by Bohemian Traders ($59.40), Long Sleeve Lace Trim Blouse in Nude by Bohemian Traders (sale $89), Fair Trade Usa Necklace by Sahasa ($60), Charcoal Clutch by The Cotton Pear ($89), Vegan Women’s Sandal by Vegan Style ($138), Chambray Shorts by Bohemian Traders (sale $79), and Floral Handpainted Fair Trade Bangle by Wild Dill ($22).