Lower Prices & More Product Lines!

New ProductWe have some tremendously exciting changes happening at Sahasa – drastically reduced everyday prices and a few new product lines too!

Reduced Everyday Prices

First and foremost let me assure you that these price cuts are coming out of my pocket, never the Fair Trade artisans behind the Sahasa creations. So why the decrease in price? It’s simple really. The main driving force for Sahasa is to empower the less fortunate women who handcraft our pieces, and increasing the number of Sahasa sales is a simple and effective way to ensure these women have a regular stream of work and income coming in.

You’ll now find the simple Sahasa necklaces (a beautiful cost-effective and ethical purchase for a new mum) at $23. The double strand necklaces are now $33, three strands pieces are $38, and the statement designs are an affordable $43.

New Product Lines

I want to expand my philanthropic reach to include even more Fair Trade artisans, which means I can work with artisans with a larger range of skill sets, and deliver more varied products direct to you. Please know that I only ever work with groups who are members of the Fair Trade Federation, ensuring that all their practices and conditions have been certified to be ethical, sustainable and fair.

Above is a sneak peak of some of the new pieces which will hit the Sahasa store in the coming weeks…

Exciting times,

Tess Freund

Owner and Jewellery Designer