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Lower Prices & More Product Lines!

We have some tremendously exciting changes happening at Sahasa – drastically reduced everyday prices and a few new product lines too! Reduced Everyday Prices First and foremost let me assure you that these price cuts are coming out of my pocket, never the Fair Trade artisans behind the Sahasa creations. So why the decrease in price? It’s simple[…]

Sahasa Fair Trade Artisan

The Artisans Behind Sahasa

All Sahasa pieces are created through Fair Trade practices. Artisans are overseen by Mehera Shaw Foundation – members of the Fair Trade Federation who are committed to sustainable artisan development. They  work in a clean safe environment, and get paid a fair wage which they set themselves. We thought you might enjoy these pics of some of[…]

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Sustainable Daisy Reviews Sahasa

We are thrilled to have had Karen from Sustainable Daisy review our Het Necklace recently (and doesn’t she look as pretty as a picture!). A BIT ABOUT SUSTAINABLE DAISY Karen blogs about sustainable and eco-friendly wardrobe and lifestyle choices. An Environmental Scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency in America, and an avid thrift shopper, Karen’s[…]

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Neutral With A Pop Of Colour

STYLE TIP: The easiest way to wear a bright Sahasa necklace, is with neutral clothing. For a bolder look, pick out colours from your necklace and add pops of these throughout your outfit (think trims, clutches, shoes, or nail polish). This easy-to-wear outfit is ethical, fair trade and animal friendly. From top left: Navy & Orange Kimino[…]

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Sahasa Stock Lands at Bowerbird

An explosion of colour, scents, and tactile delights. This is how we would best describe Sahasa stockist Bowerbird. Stretching out over three adjoining rooms, Bowerbird is an eclectic mix of everything from children’s accessories, to jewellery, wall art, home wares, and everything in between. Owner Jenn has a strong focus on supporting local artisans, and her eye[…]


Nest Nappies Now Stocking Sahasa

It’s with much excitement that we announce our new Sahasa stockist, Nest Nappies. Nest Nappies is nestled (excused the pun) in the beautiful leafy Brisbane suburb of Paddington, which makes a fitting backdrop for a business committed to environmentally sustainable products (Nest Nappies specialises in all kinds of cloth nappies, and boy do they know their[…]

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Practical & Perfect for Summer

STYLE TIP: Loose long sleeve cotton tops and silk scarves (like the two shown above) are great ways to keep the sun off your shoulders during summer. These two are light weight, breathable, and look stunning when teamed with a splash of bottle green. This bohemian outfit is ethical, fair trade and animal friendly. From top left: Gypsy Silk Scarf in Ocean[…]

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Go Bohemian with the Cora Necklace

Channel your Bohemian goddess without breaking the bank! This outfit is relaxed, ethical, fair trade and animal friendly – plus everything is under $70! From top left: Red Heart Sunglasses at Torrid (sale $5.25), White Love Animals T-Shirt by Soulshine ($49), Stonewash Fringe Handbag by Earth Divas ($19.99), The Jocelin Full Skirt by Amani Africa ($66), Fabian Tassel[…]


‘Pretty Chuffed’ LOVES Sahasa

Jasmine Hunt knows style when she sees it, so you can imagine our delight when she featured this Sahasa piece on her popular ‘Pretty Chuffed‘ blog. So what did Jasmine have to say about Sahasa? “These gorge things are fair trade, organic, safe for bubs, and affordable too. And very light weight to wear!”. Thanks Jasmine, we’re feeling pretty[…]

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The Perfect Breastfeeding Tool

Sahasa necklaces make the perfect breastfeeding tools. As babies grow they become more inquisitive, and a child who once fed with perfect ease, can become a little more difficult to keep focused. Others will begin to grab at mum’s hair or skin, as they search for something to hold on to. Courtney and her baby Athea[…]


Welcome to Sahasa.

Sahasa creates beautiful, baby friendly jewellery for mothers, which don’t cost the earth. A fair trade initiative committed to producing ethical, organic, and safe accessories for mothers, which directly helps improve the lives of less fortunate women in India. Created from GOTS certified organic cottons, and dyed with low impact AZO free dyes, Sahasa pieces are safe for mother earth, and all her babies. Designed in[…]